My coffee shop office

I’m working amongst my fellows.  Over half the people in this coffee shop are sitting with their work.  It’s a suitable scene to write about.  I chose a spot by the window facing the street.  There is a grand steepled church of an indeterminable denomination across the street.  Two kids play on the wet grass […]

My Sweet Summer is gone.  Overall a pretty good one.

My Sweet Summer is gone. Overall a pretty good one.

I have made some impressive progress on my bucket list this summer/fall.  So many bucket list bands to check off, not to mention getting so close to Dave Grohl I could have tied his shoes. August Arcade Fire – Formal attire recommended at the Gorge Amphitheater, my favorite of all concert venues.  Thanks to my well […]

Its a false summit

Its a false summit

I learned about false summits the first time I climbed Mt. Adams.  Waking up to violent winds at twilight after 3 hours of sleep at 9000 feet elevation and I my muscles are already sore from yesterdays climb.  Day two starts at the tree line and within an hour, every step is taken on snow.  […]

I quit Facebook

I’m trying to stay positive in my own personal little hurricane.  So far its been more of a process of elimination than one of inclusion.  Getting rid of possessions, trimming down my financial obligations, relinquishing toxic friendships, and now limiting exposure to social media.  It isn’t social media that’s the problem, it’s what counts as […]

Anatomy of a Choice (a fictional story)

Anatomy of a Choice (a fictional story)

When I open my eyes I know he’s gone.  Not because I turn my head to look, but because all I wanted was for him to stay.  The blue above me stretches the length and width of my peripheral vision.  Not a bird, plane, nor cloud in sight.  I am utterly alone.  I came out […]

The gluttony of making plans

The gluttony of making plans

Plans are like junk food.  Actually, plans are like any food because you need to have some.  Survival rations would be the equivalent of knowing where you will sleep and what you will eat for the next 24 hours.  The gluttony of making plans comes when you know where you will be, who you will […]

My broken femur

I’ve been living for years with a broken femur.  Walking, running and writhing through my days with two splintered and jagged edges pretending to be a new joint.  Denial isn’t the right word, because the ability to deny requires awareness of the problem.  It definitely hurt, it wasn’t the pain I lacked awareness of, it […]

Moving right along

Nothing to see here folks.  I am not a victim, I am no one to feel sorry for, and I by no means want either sympathy or accolades for say so.  Something happened to me.  Its not a terrible thing and it isn’t a wonderful thing.  Its just a thing.  Like getting a flat tire […]

A giant has addled my brains

Every day I wake up and there is a giant outside my room.  He picks me up and shakes me for about 10 minutes, then he sets me down and spins me around a hundred times before letting me go on my way.   I stumble and stagger my way through the day, speaking incomplete sentences […]

Oh, I’ve been writing up a storm

I haven’t given up on writing.  I write almost every day.  I just haven’t written anything worth publishing.  Actually, I’ve written a lot of things lately that I am fairly proud of, but there is a storm behind it all and I wasn’t quite ready to bring people into it. I have a lot of […]