HSP – Highly Sensitive Person. Sounds about right.

“Wow, you are so sensitive.” Well what a horrible thing to say about someone.  How dare you call me sensitive!  I am strong and bold and can take whatever life throws at me.  Well… that’s not completely true, but I am not weak.  For some reason, whenever I hear the word sensitive I think weak.  […]

I am insufficient

I am insufficient

I don’t mean for this post to be full of self-pity and degradation.  It’s just that something occurred to me recently.  There is a standard that has been requested of me thousands of times in my life, that I have misinterpreted every time.  It’s an expectation that every person has been held to at one […]

Baking isn't really a challenge if it's not gluten free

Baking isn’t really a challenge if it’s not gluten free

I tried a couple new recipes last month.  Sweet things… of course.  Cinnamon rolls and berry cobbler.  They both turned out excellent.  Since I’m pretty new to gluten free baking I like to check out the comments and usually stick to well followed blogs for recipes.   With trustworthy recipe posters I don’t have to worry […]

43 to 8.  Bucket list check mark

43 to 8. Bucket list check mark

From My Bucket List – Watch the Seahawks win the Superbowl – checkidee check check CHECK!!!  It wasn’t even close. I hope that some of the Seahawks come to Vegas to celebrate.  I’m going to carry around a bottle of Hennessy every where I go, in case I run into Marshawn Lynch.  I have it […]

Mountains of sticky tissues and a new car

Mountains of sticky tissues and a new car

I’m back, from the dead practically.  A couple weeks ago I got sick.  Everyone has colds, now so do I… still!  I don’t usually get the cold everyone has except once every few years.  When I do catch it, its gross.  Lots of green stuff and gurgley sounds for weeks and weeks. I got sick […]

Happy New year!

Happy New year!

Here’s to 2013.  What a year its been.  It was really about growing up for me.  That’s true for everyone every year, I was just painfully aware of it this year.   It was the year I learned that stress, frustration as well as calm and peace are all a choice.  People can tell you that […]

Some gluten free recipies - bakers edition

Some gluten free recipies – bakers edition

I am still going strong on the GF front.  Still cheating a bit here and there.  Oddly enough, having an occasional beer doesn’t elicit any side effects, but the other day I had a very small amount of birthday cake, what a mistake.  I felt gross for two days.  Nothing bad, not like what a […]

I'm a raccoon in the city, but I want to be a raccoon in the forest.

I’m a raccoon in the city, but I want to be a raccoon in the forest.

It is important to get out of your comfort zone.  I genuinely believe this.  I have experienced so many wonderful things, met interesting people and done incredible things by stepping out of that zone.  I am a simple person though.  I am a simple person, with raccoon eyes.  I want to try, meet and do […]

Buying a used car from a private owner in Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, in Positive distractions and a minor obsession, I mentioned something about how we got scammed and a bit about some freeway danger I encountered.  I am ready to elaborate.  It isn’t a fun story, or flattering.  We learned an expensive and humbling lesson about buying cars from private owners in Las […]

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

Honestly I think bucket lists are kind of a waste of time.  You never know where life will take you and how your goals will change throughout life.  I trust myself enough to know that if I never accomplish anything on this list, I will have lived a full and happy life.  However, since I […]