Happy New year!


Here’s to 2013.  What a year its been.  It was really about growing up for me.  That’s true for everyone every year, I was just painfully aware of it this year.   It was the year I learned that stress, frustration as well as calm and peace are all a choice.  People can tell you that peace is a choice, but until you see it for yourself you will never know.  Like one of those magic eye pictures.  You have to cross your eyes and hold your breath until you pass out, then you can see the hidden picture in your dreams.

Anyways, it wasn’t just about lessons and the pains of being an adult.  I had adventures and tried new things.  I practiced my talents and discovered new ones.  I went skydiving in 2013!  Also, I tried paddle boarding, got in my first serious car accident, became gluten-free, learned to play landslide on the guitar, shot 5 different firearms, found out I’m a decent shot (ehem ehem), started a project in my garage, gave up and dismantled it, started a blog and bought my own website.  I spent 3 days mildly deaf from seeing Finch… totally worth it.  Saw The Postal Service, Slightly Stoopid again but missed Tribal Seeds.  My only regret is not going snowboarding at all.

I also discovered a love for writing and learned that, as aimless as I am, I would like what I write to be what I create.  That’s a big deal for a girl who has had thousands of interests.  All you lucky dogs out there who have your “thing” figured out.  You are a singer, a poker player, a dancer, a doctor… well, you wouldn’t get it.  I don’t really have “a thing”, I have lots of little things that I try.  Sometimes I am good at the things I try, sometimes I am not, but I have never really adopted a single one long enough to get really excellent at it.  I will reiterate, I am a raccoon.  Talents are like shiny metallic wrappers and once I find one and try to open it, another one catches my eye and I drop my current conquest to seek the other.

Well, all that to say I have a goal for 2014.  Not a resolution, a goal.  I want to develop my writing.  I want to focus on it.  I am not going to give up my raccoon ways, that would be impossible for me.  I would have to become a different animal.  In 2014 I want to make my writing work for me.  I want to write my words down and then feed them to people for money.  And like so many other aspiring artists, I don’t really care what about.


Bands I am stoked to see this year

  • Arcade Fire – 8/8/14 at the Gorge
  • Pixies – 2/23/14 at the Joint

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