I’m a raccoon in the city, but I want to be a raccoon in the forest.

It is important to get out of your comfort zone.  I genuinely believe this.  I have experienced so many wonderful things, met interesting people and done incredible things by stepping out of that zone.  I am a simple person though.  I am a simple person, with raccoon eyes.  I want to try, meet and do these shiny things around me, but I need peace and quiet and simplicity in my comfort zone.  I feel like that zone is so small I can’t even sit down in it anymore.  There is way too much shiny in this city.  It is Vegas so, obviously.  It is certainly not for me.  It’s like asking for sugar in your coffee and getting some coffee in your sugar.  SHINY OVERLOAD!

I would love to be somewhere simple but populated, like a Seattle suburb, Portland, or maybe Denver (go Hawks!).  I would like to work for myself.  I have a great job, but it is very stressful.  Am I ill-contented?  I don’t think so, and I am usually pretty hard on myself.  The “grass is greener” types will go back and forth and are typically unhappy.  I am more of a circling the target kind of person, and I am happy while I do it (thank you very much).  Like, some people can settle anywhere between 60 and 90 degrees.  Not me, I will “settle”  when I find 71 degrees.

I tried small town, where I grew up.  I wanted something different so I moved 300 miles away for 10 years.  Then I wanted something bigger and shinier so I moved 1,000 miles away.  I will stay here for a couple more years and move to the road.  Something shiny but simple, with a nice big comfort zone but infinite options for adventure.

I don’t want to be a raccoon in the city, too much shiny.  I don’t want to be a raccoon in the wild either, not enough shiny.  I want to be a raccoon at a campground.  Now I am Goldilocks, because that would be just right.


PS. Sorry for the metaphor overload.  It is the language of my heart.

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